Leviathan: The Last Day of the DecadeEdit


Operating System: PC, MAC, iOS, Android

Release Date: TBA

Rating: 17+

This is the story of how Oliver Vertran, who lived a life of luxury and pleasure as the son of aristocratic parents since he was small, lost it all. A bureaucratic official, wanting the boy for himself, found a loophole in the law that made Oliver an orphan with living parents. His ideal family was torn apart: his father left, his mother killed herself, and Oliver was handed over to a new “father.”

Ten years have gone by. Oliver has come face to face with the mysteries of his past but can’t solve them. He needs to find a clue that will help start his search for the truth. Time is short. It’s the last week of the Decade. Oliver has five days to solve his childhood mysteries and break free from the iron cage of the bureaucracy that made him an orphan.